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Great tips to get your bike back

I recommend you contact the police and complete Bikerevolution’s  online stolen bike’s listing.

Here are some great tips of theirs:

o In the United Kingdom In Toronto Canada try There is a list of cities offering online police reporting at the bottom of this article. If you don’t have the serial number, register the bike anyway with all details and any photo.

10. Post a reward where your bike was stolen

I am in the process of hunting for a stolen Blue Men’s Shogun that was stolen in Wadhurst.

This is a new site and I will add to the classfied list where possible. I will use the main ones but you may wish to search more ads regional to you.

I have contacted various newsagents and have used social media where possible.


Hello readers

Are you fed up with have your bikes stolen, and you know the police have ‘better things to do’. well, here you can try and look for the bikes yourself on Ebay etc and regularly search for it in case it turns up.

If you know that bike is yours, please contact the police and they could arrange a ‘sting’.

Keep a note of your Frame No and evidence of ownership.